Crossing Broadway: The Podcast

Creating Connections through Hats with Vibe Stitch

May 17, 2021

This episode gave us ALL. THE. FEELS. We can't begin to tell you how amazing Christie is. But here's a few highlights:

1) She started her company when she realized the power hats have to connect people in an unconnected world.

2) After a friend refused to give her advice on starting a business she decided that she's going to be a champion of women-owned businesses.

3) She does tons of projects to help nonprofits (which we didn't even get a chance to talk about!)

4) She's publishing a book this year.

5) She's a single mom of 3 who does it all from creating products to social media and being a badass mama.


This episode will inspire you to pursue your dreams on your terms but will also have you laughing and saying me too (especially if you're a fan of 90s rap.) Plus, you know it's good when we're all figuring out how to make a real life meet up happen between CA and MO. 




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Welcome to the fam ❤️

Tiff & Jen


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