Crossing Broadway: The Podcast

#5: Understanding Pet Loss through Story

January 19, 2020

Kansas City native Erin Albright is driven by a need to create, whether that’s a killer graphic, her own business or a children’s book. She’s the owner and founder of Albright Creative, LLC, where she helps businesses put their best visual foot forward with graphic and web design services. Erin is also the author of “Sassie’s New Home,” a whimsical, comforting picture book that helps kids cope with the death of a beloved pet. 

In Episode 5 of Crossing Broadway: The Podcast, Erin chats with Tiff and Jen about her inspiration for the book, the challenges of being a self-published children's book editor, transitioning from teacher to massage therapist to graphic designer and author and a little bit of everything in between.

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