Crossing Broadway: The Podcast

Meet Tiff & Jen

December 19, 2019
Tiff and Jen are the dynamic duo (does it count if we call ourselves that?!?) behind Crossing Broadway: The Podcast. Our goal is to highlight amazing women-owned and women-led businesses and female professionals. We want to tell their stories. Why? Because entrepreneurship is lonely and scary and hard. By sharing successes, failures, lessons and ideas we work our way towards making glass ceilings obsolete. 

I’ve always been a dreamer. I love figuring out how ideas would work or walking through what if’s. I’m sure I drive most people in my life a little crazy- at the very least my very patient husband.

But, because I’ve always wondered what could be, I’ve been a restless spirit. I’ve worked in marketing for some fantastic companies and nonprofits, sold four different network marketing products, launched a happy hour resource guide, was a buyer and a general manager of a boutique and I still run a small Etsy shop.

All of my big ideas were centered on two goals: To do something amazing and to inspire others to achieve their dreams. While I’ve met fantastic people and learned a little something at each milestone, none of them were the “thing” I was searching for. 

The biggest problem is that I tried to do everything by myself. After a really rough day in the freelance world, I had a breakdown with my mom, Kandie. I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. Her response? Well, then let’s do something about it. Crossing Broadway was born that day.

The best part? I’m not alone. From our team to the tribe we’re building, my life is finally going in the direction I’ve dreamed. All those side hustles taught me skills I needed to make it here today, including one of the most valuable lessons: Always trust the journey.

Why Crossing Broadway? When I first got my license, my mom had one rule: Don't cross the Broadway Bridge. Since then, Crossing Broadway has meant taking chances and pursuing dreams. That's what we're doing with CB, and what we hope to inspire in you.



Crossing Broadway!  What a great name for a Kansas City company I originally thought.  But then you meet the ladies behind the brilliant name, and you realize it means so much more.  It is a way of life. It is a support system. It is a brand to inspire and build all women up, no matter their walk of life.

My Crossing Broadway is crossing an invisible barrier I have built up over the years.  Throughout my whole life, I feel I have played it safe. I have been scared to jump at opportunities.  Maybe because of anxiety, maybe because I am scared of failing, maybe because I have always felt I am just not good enough.  I have stayed inside my safe barrier. I have played it safe.

When I first saw the shirt “You are Enough,” it spoke volumes to me.  It was a simple statement, but an impactful statement. The feeling of not being good enough, holds so many back from their aspirations.  I never felt good enough at sports, so why even try out. I won't be good enough at that job, so I am not even going to apply. I’m not going to speak up, because I don't want to be judged.  But once you realize YOU ARE ENOUGH, you do have something to offer this world, then there is no stopping you.

Crossing Broadway has lit a tiny fire inside of me that I thought was no longer there.  It makes me want to create. It makes me want to build a brand. It makes me want to cross that barrier, and stop playing it safe!  I am so thankful to learn and work alongside these successful women, that have some amazing products to roll out to women and communities.  

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