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#10 Woodworking and Networking like a Badass with Nicci Wyels

March 15, 2020


Every single episode we do I want to start out the description with, "This one is my favorite." And it's true every single time. This one is no exception!

Nicci Wyels is a woodworker, designer, mom, network leader and above all: bad ass! 

Nicci has always been a DIYer but one day she took it to the next level and dived into woodworking. She got her start with honeycomb shelves (selling over 4000 her first year!) While that in and of itself is impressive, a coffee table truly changed the game. That's when she discovered that she could do anything- and she has!

Today, Nicci is a mom who is teaching her daughter what it looks like to follow your dream, leading a networking group that's helping other women do the same and on top of all of it: getting ready to launch her first wholesale furniture line. 

We promise, in this episode we talk about all of it and so much more. Make sure you follow Nicci on everything social and do some shopping on her site. Trust us, you're going to want all the things! 


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Welcome to the fam ❤️

Tiff & Jen

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